Basement Remodeling

Your basement is one of the most important parts of your home, and oftentimes it will be underwhelming. Whether you want to enjoy it for yourself or eventually rent it out for rental income in Vancouver, it’s very important that this suite of your home is not only presentable, but extravagant as well. We handle flooring, painting, basement kitchen remodeling, and everything in between. In certain instances, we can even re-shape the overall layout and style of your basement with a little bit of creativity. At the end of the day, your basement likely takes up more than 40% – 50% of your home’s space so it is important that it looks and feels great.

Kitchen Renovations & Remodeling

They say that a kitchen sells a home, and we’ve found this to be a very true statement. Even though we don’t necessarily spend too much of our time in our kitchens, whether or not it looks good can totally be a deal-breaker for many potential buyers. Regardless of whether or not you want to sell your home in the near future, it’s vital that your kitchen is beautiful and practical in order to get the full value out of your house. Fortunately, kitchen renovations can often be cheaper than reno’s in other parts of the home! We pride ourselves on offering some of the most pristine kitchen renovation services in the province.

Bathroom Renovations & Remodeling

Though our requests for bathroom renovations are only slightly lower than our other services, they are still important. Typically people will be looking for these type of remodeling jobs during instances in which either part of the bathroom has started to break down, or when the home itself is quite old. Bathrooms (like kitchens) are also very important when it comes to selling property and having one of poor quality could really hinder your ability to sell your property at a favourable price. With bathroom renovation projects, our team is extremely flexible and we can totally remake your bathroom exactly how you envision it. Regardless of the size of your bathroom, we’ll be able to handle the job within almost any budget range.


Patios and decks are also a little bit more rare than our other services such as bathroom reno’s, but we still receive requests nonetheless. Depending on how your home is positioned and the size of the job, prices can vary dramatically for our patio services. When the home is positioned on a slope and has a relatively large deck, it can be quite difficult to renovate efficiently and this will generally make for a higher price point. Alternatively, when we’re dealing with a ground-level patio that’s 500 square feet or smaller, the job can be completed relatively quickly and painlessly. This will obviously mean that your price will be lower.

General Contracting/Landscape Work

We can also step aside from our bread and butter and move slightly more into the category of general contracting and can sometimes have landscaping work done on your home. These work on a per-job basis – please contact us for more information. This includes things like drywall repair, painting, minor bathroom renovation work, minor kitchen renovations, and different types of flooring and masonry.

Custom Home Builders

Though our bread and butter has always been construction, remodeling homes, and renovating kitchens and bathrooms, we also pride ourselves on offering high-quality home building services. Our portfolio includes residential homes, townhome complexes, luxury homes, and even larger commercial properties. Whether you’re starting from scratch and have nothing outlined, or you’ve already got the blueprints for the home/project and just need to get it built – we’re here to make your dream home a reality!