Patios are less frequently requested to be renovated than bathrooms, kitchens, or basements, but they are still quite prominent, especially during the summer months. Our remodelling services do not include landscaping and/or any modification of soil or land. We are able to restore and/or make changes to current layouts. Under certain conditions we may be able to construct new patios from the ground up. Many of our clients have us do work on patios that are level with the floor or the first level, though we’ve had many cases with elevated patios as well. Some of our most successful projects included patio renovations and we are confident in offering our fantastic patio remodelling services.

The cost and time it takes for a typical patio renovation depends on a case-by-case basis, and certain remodelling projects will cost vastly more than others. Typically, they are the cheapest services we offer and are noticeably more affordable than our kitchen and bathroom remodelling services. In terms of time of completion, it varies. Generally though, patios can be tedious to remodel/reconstruct and you should expect a sizeable amount of time to lapse until completion, regardless of which company does the job.