Bathroom renovations are extremely highly requested at our company. Looking at the volume of calls alone, we get asked for bathroom renovation/remodelling projects just as much as we do for patios and basements combined. Despite what our clients often initially believe, bathrooms are not always the most expensive to renovate. In fact, kitchens are often quite more expensive in comparison when you take into account the materials and labour. Having said that, bathroom remodelling jobs in Vancouver are no easy task to say the least. Due to certain limitations (such as small, tight spaces), our bathroom renovation projects can sometimes take longer than they really should.

The bathroom is one of the most important rooms in your house. Your friends and guests may never have the chance to see your house in its entirety, but it is more than likely that the bathroom will be visited. Your bathroom should be a clean and tidy place. It should be free of clutter, and it is certainly much preferred to have a newer bathroom over an older one. If you need a bathroom renovation done in Vancouver or the rest of the lower mainland, Home Renovation Vancouver is the firm for you. Call us today for a free estimate!