Basement renovations can be some of the trickier projects we get at Home Renovations Vancouver. Because there are so many different styles, layouts, and materials to take into consideration when you’re remodelling your basement, it is imperative that you think carefully of what kind of basement you are looking for in detail. The majority of our clients in BC prefer laminate flooring and the demolition of separation walls/room dividers as the main work to be done. Many older homes in BC were will built with a clunky and divided layout to support larger families. As families have shrunken and the modern style has changed, open layouts are now the preferred choice.

We are also able to have windows, kitchens, and bathrooms renovated in basements. Often, we will have pillars placed to support the ceiling in basements if we are to tear down walls. This is done to ensure the stability of the home, but also to add a sense of style to the room(s). Our basement renovations are extraordinary and done with care – all at an affordable price. Call us today to find out more.