bathroom renovation vancouver bc

Bathrooms Bathroom renovations are extremely highly requested at our company. Looking at the volume of calls alone, we get asked for bathroom renovation/remodelling projects just as much as we do for patios and basements combined. Despite what our clients often initially believe, bathrooms are not always the most expensive to renovate. In fact, kitchens are […]


kitchen renovation vancouver bc

Kitchens Our kitchen renovations are the most sought-after remodelling services we offer. Though our servicing in regards to bathrooms, basements, and patios is great and exceeds the expectations of most, what we love doing the most is renovating kitchens. It is no surprise that many kitchens throughout the lower mainland are old and outdated, considering […]


vancouver patio renovation feature

Patios Patios are less frequently requested to be renovated than bathrooms, kitchens, or basements, but they are still quite prominent, especially during the summer months. Our remodelling services do not include landscaping and/or any modification of soil or land. We are able to restore and/or make changes to current layouts. Under certain conditions we may […]


basement renovations in vancouver bc

Basements Basement renovations can be some of the trickier projects we get at Home Renovations Vancouver. Because there are so many different styles, layouts, and materials to take into consideration when you’re remodelling your basement, it is imperative that you think carefully of what kind of basement you are looking for in detail. The majority […]